What happens with the conjunction of Sun and Saturn?

According to mythology, the Lord Sun is the father of Saturn. But Saturn has a feeling of enmity with his father, Sun. There is a contradiction between the qualities and characteristics of the Sun Saturn conjunction. For this reason, the person gets inauspicious results with the conjunction of the planets in the horoscope. In Vedic astrology, Sun and Saturn are considered extreme opponents of each other. You can estimate this from the fact that in the sign, where the Sun is exalted, Saturn gets debilitated in the same sign. In the same zodiac where Saturn is exalted, the Sun gets debilitated. Sun is the karaka of sattvikta, heat, light, and energy, whereas Saturn is the karaka of dullness, coldness, darkness, and vengeance. The Sun is a life-giving planet, and Saturn is the cause of death.

Effect of Sun Saturn conjunction

The light of the Sun eliminates the darkness of Saturn. The Sun is predominant in the fire element, and Saturn is predominant in the air element. The Sun is a planet of hot nature, and Saturn is a planet of cold nature. The Sun is the lord of the East direction, and Saturn is the lord of the West direction. Sun is the karaka of success, position, and prestige, while Saturn is the karaka of misery, suffering, calamity, and loss. Saturn is the karaka of struggle and obstacles if the strong Sun gives success. Sun is the karaka of sattvikta, soul, energy, courage, grandeur, light, vitality, father, success, health, medicine, etc. If the Sun has power over the eyes, bones of the body, heart, and digestive system, Saturn is considered a vengeful, dull, yogic, ascetic, and undisciplined planet. Saturn is a lightless and cold planet.

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It is the karaka planet of laziness, poverty, sorrow, complicated and prolonged illness, and death. Saturn is the natural karaka of suffering, misery, and calamity. Hence it has been called a sinful planet in Indian astrology. The inauspiciousness of Saturn creates conflicts and difficulties in a person’s life. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Saturn, a planetary war breaks out between the two planets, and both the planets create affliction to each other. Hence the conjunction of Sun and Saturn is not considered good in astrology.

Suppose there is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn in any house of the horoscope. Then, there is a lack of happiness related to the karakatwas or significations of that house, or you may get separated from that person. For example, if there is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the seventh house, you do not get the happiness of your wife or husband, or you may get separated. Sun Saturn conjunction can cause a lack of child happiness in your life. The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn can deprive you of parental happiness. Although the Sun Saturn conjunction in the horoscope of some particular Ascendant also gives a person a lot of respect and success in his field of work, at the initial stage, you may have to face a lot of struggles and obstacles in your life.

Due to the Sun Saturn conjunction, you can also do government jobs because Saturn is your karma, so Sun is related to government and government departments. If there is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn, there can be ideological differences between father and son. This conjunction reduces the happiness of the father, his health, and the work and respect of the person. Your relationship with your father is not good. If the Sun is weak, it may soon deprive you of parental happiness, or you may get separated from your father. Your health may also be affected due to this combination.

Due to this combination, the person’s intellect may become tainted. There may also be a decrease in child happiness. Such a person may get surrounded by depression, mental disorders, sadness, and despair. Sun Saturn conjunction, or in mutual aspect, makes a person’s life completely struggling. Especially when this conjunction is there in the inauspicious houses (6, 8, 12 houses) of the horoscope, then the person gets success in life only after hard work and intense struggle.

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