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How to cure health problems in astrology?

Astrology has answer of everything that is part of our life. Just as any other aspect of life, our health and medical concerns are not exception when it comes to finding astrological relationship between our health astrology. If you are also curious about how astrology helps us cure our health problems, then this is the right place where you will be taken to an astrological arena to learn how astrology helps getting rid of sex health in Kundali and what are the astrological conditions that cause us to certain health problems.

As Vedic astrology firmly advocates that we human beings are thoroughly influenced by the placement of Graha and Nakshatras in our Kundali, with the help of horoscope, a good astrologer can figure our health problems a native might face in a certain phase of life. From presently facing health problems to the ones might come in the future, everything can be discovered through Vedic Astrology consultation. From normal health problems to sex health in Kundali, every health related aspect can be answered through astrology.

How to see good sex health in astrology?

When it comes to seeing good health in astrology, the study is quite complex as it combines the study of nakshtras, analysis of kundali, placement of grahas in various houses in kundali and a lot more. There is no denial with the fact that a knowledge vedic astrology has answer of all the health concerns for a person, but if you think you can see yourself, then the process is long and time taking.

Health problems in astrology are a way to spot any likely health ailments and by following astrological remedies, the influence can be minimized. As said earlier, an astrologer can predict alcoholism addiction in the birth chart, life span, sex health in Kundali and every other health related problems.

To understand a bit about how to see health and medical aspects in Kundali, let’s take you to an astrological study of various houses influencing our health.

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Which houses & planets are responsible for sex health in Kundali?

Mesh Lagna/First House in Kundali – This combination of Lagna Rashi makes a person high headed with strong brain which results in high resistance quality in a person. This is a fiery combination and the native is always seen active and enthusiastic. Wearing Ruby gem based ring or any jewelry is recommended to these natives. Sun remains positive to these natives and the sign is referred as Rajasik.

Vrish Lagna/Second House in Kundali – This lagna influences face, right eye, throat in our body. This sign is earthy which makes the native more inclined towards business activities. Such natives enjoy good health and their good color is green and wearing emerald is beneficial for them.

Mithun Lagna/Third House in Kundali – This lagna is related to arms, lungs, breath, hands and shoulders in our body. Being an airy sign, it triggers breathing system. The aura of this sign is pure and harmonious and wearing emerald is recommended to these natives.

Karka Lagna/Fourth House in Kundali – This sign is related to breast and chest, stomach/digestive system and epigastric part of our body. Being a watery sign, it makes the native with less resistance capability. For them, red coral could be good and positive. Karaka sign is Mars and this is also a Rajasik sign.

Simha Lagna/Fifth House in Kundali – This sign has connection with our heart, back and spine. This is also a fiery sign and such natives often have high power of resistance.

Kanya Lagna/Sixth House in Kundali – This sign has relation with umbilical and abdominal region along with bowels and intestines. This house is known as the illness house in birth chart. Kanya Rashi in Sixth House of Kundali might be explored minutely to discover the possible health issues a person likely to have. Being an earthy sign, these natives have not so good and not so bad resistance.

Tula Lagna/Seventh House in Kundali – Related to Lumber region, kidneys and skin, health issues around these areas can be answered by exploring this house. Being an airy sign, it causes breathing related problems to the natives.

Vrashchic Lagna/Eight House in Kundali – Related to sex health and urinary part, anus, bladder, generative organs, this house gives answers related to these aspects. These natives have low resistance for this sign being a watery one.

Dhanu Lagna/Ninth House in Kundali – This lagna influences thighs, nerves, arterial system and hips of a person. All ailments related to these areas can be predicted or explored in astrology by reviewing this lagna and house. Such natives enjoy high resistance because of its sign being fiery. Pukhraj gem and yellow color is favorable for these natives.

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Makar Lagna/Tenth House in Kundali – Related to hams, bones, knees and joints, this sign influences these areas in our body. Such natives are very hard-working because of this sign being earthy. Blue sapphire and blue color is highly beneficial for them.

Kumbh Lagna/Eleventh House in Kundali – This house is related to blood circulation, ankles and legs of a person. Such people have low resistance and often found to be inactive and dull.

Meen Lagna/Twelfth House in Kundali – This lagna relates to toes, lymphatic system and feet of our body. Such people are also low resistant and wearing Pearl is good for them.

So, now you know what house and lagna influences which part of our body and how to analyse health concerns through astrology. As we mentioned Ratnas or gems with all houses and lagnas, wearing these gems can help curing your health issues and encourage you for a healthy and happy life.

For more impactful health related prediction, consult a good astrologer who can provide you all types of astrological health analysis with online report and voice report.

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