How To Predict Property for Selling and Buying?

Buying property is a dream that every one of us cherishes to have at least one in life. Some people own property in life and some do not. There are people with several properties in their name, and there are people who leave this world without having a single property. So, what does your Kundali say about buying property? Or how to predict property for selling and buying, this article talks about everything on this subject.

In addition, for any specific question related to property buying or selling, consult a good astrologer who can provide a voice report for property prediction based on your Kundali.

Property Prediction Is Related To 4th House in Horoscope –

Property prediction in Kundali is ruled majorly by 4th House. Especially, if the Lord planet is sitting in the 4th house, it indicates high chances of property purchase for native. Such natives enjoy buying big vehicles and land as well. If your Kundali’s 10th House ruler and 4th house Lord create a trine or quadrant arrangement, it indicates for your house to have a boundary and native receives luxuries of the affluent king. If your Kundali has this arrangement or not, consult an expert astrologer and take an astrological online report for buying and selling property.

Different planets’ effect in 4th House in Kundali –

Which planet is there in the 4th House of native’s Kundali plays an important role in predicting whether to buy or sell property. For example,

Mercury is there in the 4th House of your Kundali – You can expect to have a beautiful house owned by you.

The influence of Moon in the 4th house – Increases the likelihood to buy a new property by the native.

Jupiter’s influence in the 4th house – Blesses the person to have a big and strong house.

Ketu and Sun in 4th House – Indicate for a weak property.

Rahu or Saturn in this house – Gives indication of buying an old property for the native.

Venus and Mars effects in 4th House for Property Prediction – Venus in this house gives the native an aesthetically beautiful house whereas Mars’ effect gives the person with a vulnerable house with fire.

Venus and Moon in 4th House – The arrangement where Venus and Moon both appear together in 4th house, it indicates for a person to have multistoried property. In Kundali where 4th house planets are exalted, it indicates for a person to have a multistoried house.

Mars and Ketu in this house – Give the person a brick house and Jupiter’s presence gives the person a wooden property. With the presence of Sun, the native owns a straw hut based house.

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Consultation for Property Prediction – What to expect when contacting an astrologer –

When you have questions related to property prediction based on your horoscope, a good astrologer can help you with his expertise in Vedic Astrology. All your concerns like property disputes in horoscopes, chances of buying a new property, or right time to sell a property can be better addressed by connecting with a good astrology expert.

A good astrologer gives insightful predictions of property related questions after reviewing the native’s Kundali properly. Based on the comic bodies’ position in your Kundali and analysing 4th House and planets influencing that house, they predict about property.

As this purchase is one of the most important purchases of one’s life, it is always required to take consultation from a notable and qualified astrologer who would only enlighten this journey by providing the accurate prediction and also astrological remedies to eradicate any obstacles if found in the Kundali.

Moreover, to give the right prediction and set up the right expectations of native, the good astrologer always pays attention to the financial aspect in Kundali along with Property purchase. This is a very important aspect as in case of property to be purchased on loan, then analysis should be done across 6th and 5th houses along with 4th house.

As Mars rules property and land, its influence on the 4th house of Kundali finds an utmost importance to predict about property. Similarly, Jupiter and Venus planets have a good role in this regard thereby the placement and condition of these planets should also be analysed in Kundali.


Property prediction is one of the most-requested questions that people are concerned with. And why not! As this is an important milestone for everyone’s life, it has to be explored religiously. Take consultation from a good astrologer who would predict about every aspect of property in your destiny along with Yoga of ancestral and parental property in Birth Chart.

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